Testimonials about Master Taxidermy

“Tom isn’t into mass producing boring mounts. Each one is a unique piece of art that he meticulously creates. You can tell the quality of his work when you see it. Every hunter that sees my mount from Tom says the same thing, “Where did you get that mount done? It’s perfect!”
image - 5 Stars

“Tom has a passion for taxidermy that is obvious in his work. I have brought him birds throughout the years and the results are above and beyond my high expectations. In my opinion 98% of the mounts you see in showrooms or people’s homes are sub par to the 2% of those done by quality craftsman who spend the time making each mount perfectly lifelike. When the realism connects with natural poses the bird looks like it should – alive. Tom will have my work for years to come.”
image - 5 Stars

“I have been hunting for a couple decades, and mingle with numerous hunters who have shown me their duck mounts, and was always hesitant to mount a bird not knowing how it would turn out due to the wide range of quality I had seen. Last season I shot a wood duck that was a magnificent bird, one of those birds which you just have to mount. I brought the bird to Tom after looking at a number of his mounts he had done and being completely impressed. The mount he did for me was not only expertly done, he was very reasonably priced for the work, and he took the time to discuss the long term care of the mount to keep it looking great for years to come. Completely happy with the mount, and a couple old timers even took time to call me and complement me on the spectacular mount after they saw it on the wall at my parent’s cabin. I now am looking forward to the next mounter, and will definitely be bringing it to Tom trusting his work and knowing it will be in the hands of a master of his craft.”
image - 5 Stars