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What sets our Taxidermy services apart from others is I use artificial heads and hand paint the beaks. That way you receive a bird that, over time, has absolutely no shrinkage in the head.  Plus you will receive a smooth, natural looking beak on every one of your birds.

I also take time to inject the feet of your birds with a 2-part epoxy which reduces shrinkage and makes your birds even more lifelike.

My goal is to make your fish look like it just came out of the water. For a big game head you want looking as if it is alive coming out of the wall.

I have won several ribbons in competition including best of show.

"It's the fine details which set us apart from all the rest.”

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“Tom has a passion for taxidermy that is obvious in his work. I have brought him birds throughout the years and the results are above and beyond my high expectations. In my opinion 98% of the mounts you see in showrooms or people’s homes are sub par to the 2% of those done by quality craftsman who spend the time making each mount perfectly lifelike. When the realism connects with natural poses the bird looks like it should – alive. Tom will have my work for years to come.” image - 5 stars
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